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The Bird Report

Those that have been joining me bird watching have been on a very steep learning curve. I have very much enjoyed watching them progress even in these early days. I especially love the pure joy they have for being in nature.


Why I love to bird watch goes beyond what can be expressed in written form. It is many things intertwined that form my passion. It is staring at a tree for minutes on end and the sign of contentment as your eyes and brain finally click and you can see the tiny bird flitting through the leaves.

A Simple Step

Each step we take leaves an impression on the world. This is both true in a metaphorical and a literal sense. The soil is a vast ecosystem whose complexities we have barely begun to scratch the surface of understanding.

Just some of the women attending The Adventure Therapy Project Interpretative walk. Women attendants holding #TATP2019 sign painted on old fence post. Emma of Emma Walton Guiding, a nature guiding service of south east queensland, led the walk.


The Adventure Therapy Project is off! I was fortunate enough to be one of the service providers of the project and led the Interpretative Walk. It was a lot of fun and I hope the attendants had fun as well.