Those Questions…


Several anonynmous girls and women

This quote is the start of a question that the asker is embarrassed to ask. Questions frequently include:

“umm… Emma… how do you pee in the bush?”

Anonymous woman

“umm… Emma… what would you do if you have your period?”

Woman after finding out we would not see a toilet tomorrow

“umm…Emma… Will a snake bite me while I’m… umm… yeah… If it did, how do you bandage that…?”

Woman who had learnt the toilet was a hole she would dig in the ground

Women do have extra challenges to overcome when working in the field or adventuring in the outdoors. Not to say men do not have challenges it’s just women are designed a certain way and have certain biological functions that men do not usually need to worry about.

Unfortuantely there are many women who are uncomfortable in the outdoors because of their biology. I would be willing to bet that many of these women would be more comfortable if they were able enough to ask for advice from other women.

I personally love when I am asked one of ‘those questions’. Quite frankly I am flattered that I have this person’s trust and they judge I might have a solution to their problem. Most of all, I just love being in the position to help women be comfortable in their own bodies and get them one step closer to achieving their potential.

These are all questions I can discuss with you at Hike Your Mountain.

Do you have a question you want an answer to but don’t want to ask it publicly? Submit your question via this anonymous google form

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