An Old Friend

As I step through the bush, I feel my skin prickle, I pause. I breathe deeply and clear my mind. I look up to my left and there is a small bird perched upon a branch, a grey fantail. I smile as I watch him flit between the branches. I slowly reach for my camera, calibrate the settings and wait for a pause in the bird’s movements. I feel the shutter button click beneath my finger. I check the image and satisfied with the result, I return to watching the fantail.

They are endearing little creatures, constantly flicking their tail this way and that. From a human perspective, they appear curious. Wanting to investigate each intrusion into their domain. The fan tail is apparently bored of me and continues on their way. I shake my head, chuckling to myself. I move on.

A grey-fantail is a relatively common bird to spot but I am always joyed to see one. You would find me ecstatic if I were to converge with a rare quarry but there is something so pure and simplistic in the finding of an old friend.

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